PET Bottles with 43mm Neck

Lids with pressure seals included.


Bottle Capacity Reference Chart

These are our estimates using locked capsules and filling to the neck with little or no space remaining.

Size 2 Size 1 Size 0 Size 00
195 150 110 80
300 235 170 120


PET Bottle Price Reference Chart

175mm 250mm
1 with STD Cap R5.95 R6.95
1 with Flip Top R6.45 R7.45
1 with CPC Cap R6.75 R7.75
288 with STD Cap R5.65
288 with Flip Top R6.05
288 with CPC Cap R6.45
161 with STD Cap R6.75
161 with STD Cap R7.25
161 with STD Cap R7.55


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