Empty Veggie Capsules

Empty Capsule Price Reference Chart (Vegan)



Capsule Size Chart


Capsule Size Volume Length Diameter
4 0.20ml 14.3mm 5.31mm
3 0.27ml 15.9mm 5.82mm
2 0.37ml 18mm 6.35mm
1 0.48ml 19.4mm 6.91mm
0 0.67m 21.7mm 7.65mm
00 0.95ml 23.1mm 8.53mm
000 1.36ml 26.14mm 9.91mm


Size 00 holds about 735 mg. Size holds about 500 mg. Size 1 holds about 375 mg. These vary with each powder. 


(sizes 1, 0 and 00 in locked position shown above) 

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